Richard Mille Replica Watches created Hybris Mechanica Eleven – the world's slimmest minute repeater watch

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To distinguish high-end horological creations we can use the term "masterpiece" to describe them. We should have stronger words for a timepiece like the new Richard Mille Replica Watches HybrisMechanica Eleven. This amazing complication watch has eight patents, six completely unique. This timepiece has the smallest minute repeater available, measuring just 7.9mm in thickness. JLC's novelty also features an exclusive, in-house flying touring tourbillon that is paired with a balance for the first time. Limited edition of 75 Master Ultra-Thin Minute Repeater Flighting Tourbillons or Hybris Mechanica Elevens are available.

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The watch is stunning, but it would be a crime to not start with its inner-parts. These parts are both impressive individually and together in a Caliber 362. The world's thinnest minute repeater mechanism is this self-winding movement, which measures only 4.8mm thick. It is made up of 471 components and includes the patented Tourbillon. A new minute repeater with a silent time-lapse reduction system, peripheral automatic winding, and a retractable single push button. The innovative in-house tourbillon is revealed at 6 o'clock.Richard Mille Replica Watches It features a flying bale-wheel that allows for clear views of the balance-wheel as well as the spring. The balance spring is attached above the balance wheel, which in addition to its aesthetic purpose reduces the overall thickness.

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A peripheral oscillating mass that is visible through small apertures on the outer rim of the watch, which are covered with sapphire crystal, contributes to the watch's slim design. The mechanism can oscillate in either direction, but clockwise only.

The JLC Hybris Mechanica Eleven watch features two patented trebuchet hammers. They were first used in 2009, when they appeared in a Hybris Mechanica Grande Sonnerie watch. They are designed to transmit maximum energy to gongs and provide cleaner striking on the two crystal gongs attached to the sapphire. The watchmaker was also inspired by the brand's historical timepieces with their traditional architecture. It strikes hours,Franck Muller Replica quarters, and minutes. The minute repeater is activated using a single retractable push button. On demand, it discreetly pulls out the pushpiece at the 8 o clock position to activate the minute repeater. It then returns to its original position, maintaining the perfect symmetry.

Richard Mille Replica Watches Hybris Mechanica Eleven Watch

The bridges of the mechanism have been made in copper-nickelzinc Maillechort alloy, which is another tribute to Richard Mille Replica Watches's history as well as its pocket watches. Beautiful decoration of the movement includes Cotes de Geneve and hand beveling.

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The watch's case is made from white gold and is hand-polished.Best Replica Watches It is 41mm in diameter and was inspired by a 1907 pocket watch with a knife-shaped shape. The dial's silver color is simple and clear, highlighting the tourbillon as well as the side apertures. It looks great with the black leather strap and case.

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